increasing access to fully-funded MFA programs and building community among underrepresented writers

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Be a Reader with MFA App Review this Fall!

Want to see more underrepresented writers admitted to fully funded MFA programs?

We are looking for poets, fiction writers, and writers of creative non-fiction interested in helping us to review writing samples and personal statements for MFA applicants who self-identify BIPOC, undocumented, and/or Trans or Non-binary. Sign up to be a reader by filling out our questionnaire here.

WHo’s Eligible to be a reader with us:

BIPOC writers and Queer/Trans/Non-binary writers who’ve been through or are affiliated with an MFA Program (or CW PhD program … ) are eligible to be readers with us! MFA App Review aims to foster community and to increase connections between POC, Trans, and Non-Binary writers of various experiences. We understand that many new writers do not have access to a wide variety of readers for their work; we exist to connect new writers with the kinds of readers from whom they are most excited to receive feedback.  

We ask that each reader:

Review one eligible MFA applicant’s writing sample (up to 10 pages of poetry or up to 30 pages of fiction or creative non-fiction) and—if the applicant chooses to submit it—their statement of purpose. Readers who would like to review more than one manuscript are welcome to do so, please just let us know!

Schedule a 40-minute phone conference with the applicant in order to discuss their submitted materials.  Usually the applicant will provide a few questions for the reader to consider when reviewing their sample, which the reader can then use to guide the phone discussion. There is no need to share a written response to the work with the applicant in addition to the call. If a call is logistically tough or otherwise unappealing, some reader-applicant pairs decide on another form of feedback (such as a written letter, for example).

Maintain confidentiality by not sharing any aspect of the writing sample they are assigned to with anyone but the writer, for any reason.

Once you’ve decided to be a a reader, you can sign up via this link.

Email us at with any questions or concerns!

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